Data Network Systems

Basic on-site wired Data Networks contain 5 components that connect your computer to a local server or modem providing access to the World Wide Web. Listed below are these components.

Data Jacks

Phone Meister uses Cat 5e rated jack products from Leviton. Their products are tested well beyond current industry standards to 350 MHz for long term performance.

Data Patch Cords

Patch cords are used to connect your equipment to the Data Network through data jacks and patch panels. Phone Meister uses patch cords that have been tested to meet or exceed Cat 5e standards.

Data Wire and Cable

Connectivity between data jacks and patch panels or other data jacks is achieved with data wire/cable. Phone Meister uses Cat 5e cable tested to 350 MHz.

Data Patch Panels

Data jacks are cabled to a central location where the common equipment, such as a data switch or router, is located. These cables are terminated on a patch panel. These panels add flexibility to the network through easy access for testing, identification and rearranging circuit legs. Patch panels come in 12, 24, 48, and 96 port capacity. Phone Meister uses Cat5e and Cat6 rated patch panels with 110 style terminations.

Switches and Routers

These components are used to direct equipment signals to other peripherals or to communicate with the World Wide Web. Phone Meister uses D-Link and Link-Sys products for these functions.

Software Technicians

Need an IT technician? Phone Meister has several IT people, we recommend, who do excellent work in software installation and troubleshooting.