Business Telephone Systems

NEC Business Telephone System

The NEC DSX Phone System

The NEC DSX system offers you high performance, flexibility, and the ability to custom design a system that will meet your company’s specific telecommunication requirements. Each keyset user has the capability to personalize their telephone to meet their individual needs.

DSX is sized right – starting with the economical DSX-40, progressing to the DSX-80,and reaching maximum system capacity with the DSX-160. To maintain the value of your investment, all the circuitry of a DSX-80 can be migrated to the DSX-160. Even when growing from the DSX-40, your investment in programming, telephones, and other station equipment is retained.

DSX IntraMail

This system has features such as Automated Attendant, which helps incoming calls get answered and routed quickly and efficiently. Answering Machine Emulation lets you screen calls to filter out unimportant calls before you answer. Conversation Record lets you record a conversation when you can’t take notes fast enough, and Remote Message Notification can let you know of a voice message left after hours. Helpful Documents for this Product:

22 and 34 button standard, 3-line display and super display telephone sets

All models offer 10 One-Touch Keys, Dual LED’s, Voice Over and built-in Speakerphone. All 3-line display models feature 4 Interactive Soft Keys for intuitive automated feature operation. 34-button sets are available with optional 24- or 110-button DSS.