Voip/SIP Trunking

Voice over IP: A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone call is transmitted over a data network, such as the internet. The “Voice Over Internet Protocol” is a catch all for the protocols and technology of encoding a voice call that allows the choice to be slotted in between data packets on a data network. Such data networks may be the public internet, a corporate intranet, or a managed network used by traditional long distance and international providers. There are three main benefits to VoIP phone calls:

  1. First, they may potentially be cheaper. Since the data network is typically charged on a flat rate and thus the marginal cost of making a VoIP is Zero, how much cheaper depends on: 1: The cost of terminating the VoIP call into the traditional phone network. 2: The price of a standard circuit switched TDM call. 3: How much tax is levied on both. Taxes are horrendous on traditional curcuit switched long distance calls. They aren’t big on VoIP calls, wich are classified by some regulatory agencies as “information services,” not voice phone calls.
  2. Second, you may achieve the benefits of managing a voice and data network as one network. If you have IP phones, moves, adds and changes, it will be easier and cheaper.
  3. Third, and the key attraction of IP telephony – is added (and integrated) new services, including integrated messaging, voice emails, number portability, caller ID with name, call waiting, call forwarding, take your area code with you, plug into the internet anywhere and make free calls from anywhere in the world.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP or Session Initiated Protocol is the dominiant industry protocol for setting up phone calls across the internet. The SIP standard was started back in 1996. By 2001 the standard was pretty solid and many manufacturers had announced plans to support SIP. SIP Trunking as a service offered by independent providers emerged in 2005.

As a service, SIP Trunking is more than the inherent ability to connect to IP devices. To be meaningful, a SIP Trunking provider must, at a minimum, support the following functionality:

  • Make calls to anywhere in the world
  • Receive calls on both standard telephone numbers and toll-free numbers
  • Place 911/E911 calls
  • Number portability

As with any mission critical application, your SIP Trunking service must be highly available and deliver high quality connections. Beyond these basic requirments, high quality providers of SIP Trunking offer flexible terms based on your calling requirments, advance controls for managing your service, and quality support.


nexVortex is a leader in IP based communication services, which is what we set out to do. We concluded that the market didn’t need another manufacturer or software client. What the market really needed was a better service provider. From this realization, nexVortex emerged. We built nexVortex from the ground up based on our in depth technical understanding of the SIP protocol, our appreciation of what it means to deliver great service and our focus on the needs of the small and medium sized business (SMB) market.

Services at nexVortex, we are focused on offering you the services and tools needed to migrate your communication services to VoIP and manage those services easily and effectively. Our specialty is SIP Trunking for small and midsized businesses. We have been delivering SIP Trunking for over five years and have the deeop technical knowledge and expertise necessary to make your project a successful deployment.

In addition to SIP Trunking, we also offer Audio Conferencing and Internet Access to provide you with a one stop shop for all your communication needs.

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